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28th of July 1992
The 21st Birthday
Monday, August 5, 2013 | 5:47 PM | 0 comments

ehem, pose upon a friend request HAHAHA

Finally back, again (:

Finally reformat my laptop & it's just like brand new lappy (despite some laggy lah)
so I am here to blog my favourite month which has already passed - July.

July is a good month, definitely a good good month for me.
all the happening events happen fall in July
S.H.E Concert I've waited for 10 years; 
My Birthday; 
Redang Trip; 

so Imma blog one by one (:

Let's start with my birthday celebration HEHEHEHEHHE
so this year birthday is very important for me
Not only this year lah, every year :P
 for some, they said it's just a day
but for me, is a big day which I am like the queen :P 
not a day. almost a week of celebration with my friends hehehe

The 21st Birthday of ME :D

I dont have proper series of pictures to represent each day
Some even forgot to take group picture before we left -_-

on the exact day of my birthday, I turned into a flour-cream mixed human being LOL
& what fail the most is ... 

here's the driver of the day aka my best birthday planner of the day 
Pei Yein
She booked me one week earlier to make sure nobody date me on the day
she failed a lot of her plans that day but she successfully turned me to the cake lol
(refer the haunted picture above HAHAHAHHA)

companion of the day before all of them rush down from Cameron for my birthday celebration :D
Joke of the day is the con me that we are watching Despicable Me2
I was so excited in the cinema as I always wanted to re-watch it for quite some time
18sg appeared & I stoned.

since when Despicable Me 2 rated as 18sg...

they conned me LOLLLL 
we watched Apartment 1303..
is a comedy-horror movie.
I laughed , their plan failed
but this prank was good :P

Chilling at Tong Pak Fu before i got prank

Group picture of the day :D 
They said I looked like a waxed-people

& now
some pictures of my presents

a key from my beloved darlings -- Vivian & Linyng
before they pass me this, I receive a card with 3 words:

"NAH, Happy Birthday"

I cried LOOLLL
I'm touched 
right before receiving present, I've already feel like crying
my 20th birthday was a mess
they angry me so I never get to really celebrate with them
& this year we are celebrating together and I can feel their effort

Thank you for loving me so much darling.
I love you both, eternity.

Another birthday present from the far-est friend, from Johor Bahru 
his surprise failed too
he told me that someone is sending me present but he refused to tell me what's that
& the postman actually called me
" Hai Ms. Lim, I'm calling from T-Chocolate...."

but he still surprise with the prettiness of the chocolates !
really stunning & taste awesome.
despite, I ate this
A very beautiful-looking-round chocolate
which the filling is



yes, I'm a Malaysian but I don't like durian
I eat, but, if lemme choose, I won't even put it inside my mouth LOL


despite this round-evil-durian-chocolate, other taste awesome 

present from crazy couple - Cheseng & Jazmine Khoo
they proclaimed this as Rolls Royce of notebook LOL
really useful & pretty (:

They are like "NAH, Rolls Royce lai de aahhh ! hao hao yong"

Thank you.

Another surprise from my love
Yenling & Wyeling

I shall say she used the longest period of time to plan this surprise, but failed too :P 
She told me she is going Taiwan from 21st of July - 28th of July a month ago LOLL
she is coming back at 11.45pm of 28th of July
yea man, 15 minutes more till my birthday is over
I was not pissed but a little upset

so on the exact day of my birthday
Obviously I never receive call from her
a friend of mine ter-bocor her surprise where she came back from Taiwan last night


& of course

she appeared in front of my house around 11.15pm 

I told her
I knew you are back & she's upset HAHAHAHHA

She always able to get the right present for me
I love both of her (:

Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf

Finally a successful surprise from my primary school friends
okay, I named them as Jokers' Yamcha Group
I dont treat them as "primary school friends" but a group of BEST BEST FRIENDS

I almost tear
this story is a little too complicated to be described through words
4 persons are supposed to celebrate with me 
one sick ; one left half way because of girlfriend was alone at Pyramid ; one is late
so left one friend of mine who actually able to accompany me to finish my lunch 


the one who was late singing "Happy Birthday" & walked towards me
I was surprise

what makes me more surprise is

the one who's sick standing behind him & the one who left half way re-appear


I stoned, again. 

so happy (:

Here's a part of my presents
didn't take every single picture of my pressies
But I love everyone of it

Thank you for the awesome people in my life 
to make my life so wonderful

Fantastic 21st.

More to come