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28th of July 1992
Wrap up of 2013 x
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 | 3:11 AM | 0 comments

Seeing everyone is writing the wrap up of 2013
it urges me to write one as well
so here am I to do my wrap up of 2013

This year is definitely a very memorable year.
Too much of good things happened & I'm gonna write it out with pictures *if there's

1. Whenever talking about 2013, the first thing I remember is my birthday celebration.
Turned 21st & this year's celebrations were the best among all the years.

You can read my birthday post here

2. S.H.E Concert that I would never forget.

& I've also blogged about it, you may read it here
I can still remember the moment I saw them, I tear. 
My 10 years Idol & turning 11 years in less than 24 hours. 
It was my dream to see them singing in front of me & I did it.
The present for myself (:

3. Resigned & had the most wonderful job ever.
Joined Expomal/Sphere once I graduated from my Diploma in Mass Communication 
& resigned in the month of June
rest for two months & went back to my previous intern company & helped out for three months
then, joined Pixsell Malaysia which is my current job

Dealing with Google & what can I say?
Met new colleagues & they are awesome (:
Learn a lot of new stuffs & definitely a challenge for myself because I can never understand IT.
This job has a lot to deal with computer stuffs & I'm just suck at it.
Gotta learn more & I definitely know I can do it (:

4. A friend of mine passed away.
It was heartbreaking.
When I received the news, I can barely accept the fact.
I am not very close with her but I took me some time to even face it
until today
mention about it still makes me feel like crying. 
This incident definitely gave me a lesson
"Appreciate everyone when you still can"
a quote for myself.
R.I.P my friend.

5. Finally went to Singapore.
Yes yes, I know it's near & easy to get in but hey, RM dropping like water fall -.- 
can barely support
but finally! HEHEHE visited Singapore & also Universal Studio Singapore

It was AWESOME! 
Transformer Ride is definitely the boom! 
I am so gonna go back again ! rawr

6. What else can I ask for more?
Awesome friends still stay by my side (:

They are the most important person ever in my life.

I love them x

7. Guess I've became prettier & definitely gained some weight hehehe
a collage of myself from the 1/1/2013 - 31/12/2013
nothing much different with the hairstyle 
from long - short - & decided to grow it longer again
from dark copper - light brown - red
the latest picture taken today.

so I guess that's all for 2013.

Let's welcome 2014 in less than 24 hours 


a new year will begin
with new people
new experience
new lessons
new life